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Bravo rural women

The world would be paying tribute to rural women tomorrow in recognition of their contributions to society which for decades has been rendered invisible. The day is especially crucial for Ghana where 70 percent of the population lives in rural areas.
Rural women form the backbone of Ghana’s agrarian economy where they work long hours on farms alongside their male counterparts. In addition to farm work, rural women are responsible for all domestic work and spend hours gathering fuel wood for cooking while trekking long distances in search of water.
Most often, rural women do not receive adequate medical attention because they are situated far from health facilities. It is in recognition of the hard work of rural women coupled with their deprived conditions of life that the UN has set aside October 15 every year as a day to honour them.
In Tamale, which is situated in the Northern Region of Ghana, a number of rural women would be showcasing their handiwork to mark the celebrations. View this blog tomorrow to learn how women in Tamale celebrated this day. Ode to you, rural women.

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