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Corruption Promotes poverty

Unless Ghana institutes adequate steps to stem out corruption from both the public and private sectors of its economy, all efforts geared towards promoting development and curbing poverty would remain unsuccessful.
“There can be no effective reduction of poverty strategy without emphasis on combating corruption”, Mrs. Florence Dennis, Executive Secretary of the Ghana Anti Corruption Coalition (GACC) said in Tamale. She was speaking at a Regional Policy Dialogue for representatives of member organizations of the GACC and other stakeholders in the fight against corruption.
Mrs Dennis said “Many of the consequences of corruption are well known and documented: they include under-development, unfavourable climate for national and international investment, lack of resources for basic services, lack of confidence in governmental systems and the threat to democracy and governability.
She sited the case of the decentralization policy and local government reform programme which was aimed at promoting participatory development by making local government more responsive to local needs, and guarantee efficient and effective service delivery and accountability to stakeholders. Susequently, the local government Act, 1993 (Act 462) was passed to cater for the administrative, political and fiscal mandates of the metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies to whom authority was being transferred from central government ministries, departments and agencies.
While the district chief executive is important to the decentralization of local government, recent developments arising from the dissatisfaction of the populace over the choice of district , municipal and metropolitan chief executives poses a big challenge to the success of the process.

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